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Clever Motorized Blinds

Jennifer | Engineer Mommy

"I wasn’t sure how time-consuming the installation would be, but I was so pleasantly surprised. From beginning to end, it took less than 30 minutes to set up. I’m currently debating which other blinds in my home I’d like to motorize next. It has been a wonderful experience!"

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Clever Motorized Blinds

Holly Grace |

"Having Somfy Motorized Blinds in our home has been phenomenal. We were able to achieve ultimate privacy without sacrificing style. Being able to raise and lower our blinds with the touch of a button on the remote is an extraordinarily smart feature that has not only eliminated dangling ugly cords but makes letting in the natural light easy and convenient."

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Clever Motorized Blinds

Melissa Woods | @welcometothewoodsblog

"After having our Somfy screen installed, there have been major benefits to having the option to retract them. It makes them easier to keep clean, we can roll them up during the winter so they experience way less wear, and we can protect them from severe storms that sometimes come through. Living in Minnesota, a screened in porch makes all the difference against mosquitoes and spiders. However, having the remote to retract the screens just made them all the more useful and versatile!"

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Clever Motorized Blinds

Sheli Bungard | @houseonwilshire

“MyLink allows us to set our solar shades to automatically come down when the sun is at its hottest point then automatically rise again once the sun has set. This saves us on our electric bill and is a no hassle solution to block out the sun and heat. We also have the option to manually put the shades down with our remote! Somfy solar shades with myLink are the perfect solution for our giant wall of windows.”

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Clever Motorized Blinds

Candace Mary | @candacemaryinteriors

“I'm in love with the Smoove Wall switch, it is so sleek and works perfectly with our wall paint and our wallpaper. It's stylish and user friendly and the perfect finishing touch for our Somfy shades!”

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